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Studies show that a short 5 minute video can communicate a message every bit as powerfully as more than 1 million words of text. Whether you wish to convey a message for businesses purposes or for personal enjoyment, saying it with a video is sure to get your point across. Making your own videos of any length is easy with the right video editing software program.

Uses for Video Editing Software

Video editing software has a wide variety of uses for individuals and for businesses. Many people like to edit videos of special occasions, their children and their pets to create professional-looking movies that tell stories of their lives. With video editing software, you can create video blog entries to post online, tutorial videos, review videos and videos that show off your skills in a particular area. Businesses can use video editing software to create videos for marketing purposes, employee training, customer support and many other uses.

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What to Consider When Choosing Video Editing Software

There are dozens of video editing software programs available on the market today, and if you’re new to the world of creating your own videos, you may not know how to begin comparing products. Fortunately, it can be easy to select the ideal video editing software for your needs if you consider these important features:

  • Operating system Many video editing software programs are made either for Windows operating systems or Mac OS X computers but not both, and a lot of products only support the new versions of the operating system with which it is compatible. Before you delve into the features of any program, it’s a good idea to check the technical information and be sure that you can use it on your computer.
  • Level of difficulty Some video editing software programs are made for beginners and for those who only want to be able to make basic movies for home use. Others are geared more toward professionals and have more complicated features.
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  • Input methods All video editing software programs will allow you to import video and audio clips in certain formats, so you’ll want to check to see what the programs support. Some programs also make it possible to import data from a video camera, web cam or other external device.
  • Speed If you’re going to be making long or very complex movies, you’ll want to consider the rendering speed of the video editing software. This refers to how long it takes for the program to publish your final video after you finish editing.
  • Special effects Video editing software programs allow you to add special effects like transitions, captions and titles to your videos. Each program offers a different number of effects. Some have as few as 50 to 100, while others offer thousands.
  • Sharing options You’ll want to consider what you ultimately want to do with your videos when shopping for video editing software. Programs will allow you to save videos in a set number of formats, and most will also allow you to burn the videos to DVD. Some also support Blu-Ray burning and make it possible to post videos to popular sites like YouTube with a single click.
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