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StratPad is a Business Plan software which helps you to plan your business. In fact StratPad helps in many ways more than just creating a Business Plan . We know you are curious to know more about StratPad. Just stay with us! We will take you to the world of StratPad – Business Plan Software!

Kick start to StratPad

Planning comes in each and every step you take to accomplish your daily task e.g. getting your kids ready to school. In case of Business, Planning plays an important and key role to accomplish success. To create a business plan easily you need a competitive software. Just don’t crack your brains to search for the best!Here comes StratPad – Rocket Fuel for business. Like StratPad tagline, the software exceeds the expectation.

Startling Features of StratPad

StratPad – Business planning software helps to create a best business plan. StratPad features are sure to impress and mesmerize you. StratPad comes in 3 editions: – StratPad CLOUD, StratPad CONNECT, and StratPad COLLEGE. Each edition has unique features and usage.

Let’s dig deeper into the features of StratPad Editions.

Each edition is created for specific purpose. All the three editions are cloud based business planning software.

StratPad CLOUD

  • Tracking your business made simple and easier.
  • This edition allows you to get the data you need easily by connecting to Intuit’s QuickBooks Online.
  • To get the ideas from your team, this edition allows to share the plan with team members who can give valuable inputs.
  • Allows to create the lenders attractive plan.
  • StratPad CONNECT

    StratPad CONNECT combines the features of StratPad CLOUD and StratPad COLLEGE.

    This Edition is yet to be released. Soon it is going to take off like a rocket.

    To create a plan which is lender specific, or for other professional services go for CONNECT edition.

  • Allows to create a business plan for small business.
  • Allows to match the lenders with the plan created.
  • Loan application document provided.
  • Best support and guidance given when needed.
  • StratPad COLLEGE

    Want to understand how to work with StratPad CLOUD? StratPad COLLEGE edition gives you best quality tutorial to create the business plan.

  • Videos to explain in detail financial statements and accounting basics.
  • Videos and user guides to help create the best quality business plan.
  • Based on the requirement and knowledge choose the edition you require.
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