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Spyera is a phone monitoring software program that is beneficial for employers who need to know how employees are using the devices that they have issued them. The program is also intended for parents who wish to ensure that their children are using their smartphones and tablets responsibly. Compatible with Android, BlackBerry and Symbian devices as well as with jailbroken iOS devices, Spyera offers many features that are beneficial for users.

With Spyera, you don’t just get to read logs of what phone calls were received and placed. The app actually makes it possible to listen in on calls live as they occur or record them for later review. Ambient listening and recording functionality is also included in the software, making it possible to record the noises going on in the surroundings of the cell phone or tablet. The program can also track VoIP calls, email and SMS messages. Texts and emails are visible to administrators even if they are deleted by the user.

Spyera provides advanced monitoring for instant messengers. Administrators can read full logs of chats that occur on PIN, Skype, Line Chat, viber, WeChat, Snapchat, iMessage, Yahoo! Messenger, WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger and Facebook. The program also makes it possible to view all multimedia files stored and received on phones and tablets can capture passwords for all apps, websites and programs. GPS positioning is available for monitoring the physical location of the device. Administrators have the ability to set up email alerts to notify them when the phone or tablet is used for certain activities.

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