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Screenr is an online service that allows Windows and Mac users to create videos of whatever they can see on their screens. The program is available in two different versions: a free version and a subscription version. Both versions are incredibly simple to use and allow for instant recording at just the touch of a button.

The free version of Screenr is ideal for individuals who will only produce a few videos. To use the service, you simply connect Screenr with a Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo!, LinkedIn or Microsoft account. Once the connection is complete, users can immediately record their first videos. With the free version, the time limit for videos is 5 minutes. When the video is completed, it is automatically uploaded to Screenr and can be shared by providing a link that can be posted to social media with one click. It’s also possible to automatically share the video to YouTube or download it as an MP4 file.

With the subscription version of Screenr, users get many more capabilities, and there are four different packages from which to choose. Each package allows users to create videos that are longer than 5 minutes and gives the option for private or public publishing. An unlimited number of users may utilize a single account, making it convenient and affordable for businesses. Some packages include analytics, playback page customization and other features. Each package also provides a set amount of free storage for videos online with 250 to 7,500-video storage capacities offered.

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