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Recorder software and capture software are two popular types of imaging and video programs that are used by Mac and Windows users alike. Although they have a wide variety of uses, recorder and capture software is unfamiliar to many people. Understanding more about what this type of computer program does and how it can be used could benefit people in a wide variety of industries and those who enjoy many hobbies and activities that involve computers.

What Is Recorder and Capture Software?

Basically, recorder and capture software programs are designed to capture still or moving images on Mac or Windows computer screens. All versions of Mac OS X and Windows give users the ability to capture screenshots or still images of their desktop computers, but this functionality is very basic. Recorder and capture software opens up new possibilities for taking screenshots or still images of desktops. With these programs, it’s possible to take shots of just certain parts or features of the screen or to capture all of a large screen that would otherwise require scrolling. In addition, recorder and capture software has the ability to capture screencasts or videos of the action taking place on a screen.

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Types of Recorder and Capture Software

There are many types of recorder and capture software available on the market today, including:

  • Screenshot capture programs Screenshot programs take still images of desktop computers. Some feature schedulers that allow users to start and stop image-taking at a certain point in time automatically.
  • Screencast capture programs Screencast programs are designed to capture video from a computer screen. Some programs also allow for recording from web cameras, and you can even find programs that can capture video from external devices like DVD players, VCRs and Blu-Ray players.
  • Dual capture programs Dual capture programs give you the ability to make screenshots and screencasts. Some dual programs let you choose between recording video or taking snapshots of the screen. Others solely record video, but then give you the ability to freeze the video and extract screenshots.
  • Editing programs Many screenshot, screencast and dual capture recorder and capture software programs have editing features. With these programs, you can add effects to videos, put labels or graphics on screenshots and perform many other tasks to customize and enhance still images and videos. Most editing programs also have sharing functionality that makes it possible to upload videos to YouTube in other sites or save images and videos in different formats to email.
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    Uses of Recorder and Capture Software

    There are many uses for recorder and capture software programs, including:

  • Education Teachers can use recorder and capture software to create presentations, animations and lessons for students to view on their own or as a class.
  • Training Trainers can use recorder and capture software to demonstrate how to complete various activities or tasks on computers. These can be presented in booklets, PowerPoint presentations and in live class settings.
  • Customer Service Many companies that sell software products provide screenshots and screencasts to customers for troubleshooting, DIY training or providing instructions.
  • Gaming Gamers often like to produce videos or images of the action during their favorite games.
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