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Quickbooks Pro is an accounting software program that is available for Windows-based computers and in a separate version called Quickbooks for Mac for Mac computers. Currently, Quickbooks Pro is the best-selling accounting software program in the United States with millions of companies using it to handle their key accounting functions.

With Quickbooks Pro, accounting personnel and business owners can complete a number of tasks. The software program manages invoicing and sales receipts, making it easy to track what purchases have been made, which ones have been paid for and which ones are still outstanding. In addition, the program offers expenditure tracking. Administrators can use the program to pay bills, to process payroll and to pay payroll taxes.

Another major feature of Quickbooks Pro is reporting. The accounting program produces a number of essential accounting reports, all of which can be exported to Excel. Any report can also be compressed into a data file, so that the information can be shared with accountants and bookkeepers who work outside of a company.

Quickbooks Pro allows administrators to manage all of a company’s financial accounts from one centralized location. Data from bank accounts and credit card accounts can all be imported into the program for quick reconciliation. The program also stores key customer and vendor information to expedite many processes.

For an additional charge, companies can pay to upgrade to Quickbooks Pro Premier. This added service provides access to industry specific content and tracking that can allow for additional enhancements in productivity and security.

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