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PhoneSheriff is a powerful program that helps parents control and monitor their children’s usage of tablets and smartphones and employers ensure that mobile devices issued to personnel are used appropriately. The program can be used with Android and BlackBerry phones as well as with Android tablets. In addition, the software is compatible with iOS devices that have been jailbroken.

With PhoneSheriff, administrators have the ability to control the use of mobile devices in a number of ways. The program can be used to block certain types of activity. For example, it can be used to prevent calls and texts being received and made to and from certain numbers. With the program, it is also possible to set time limits. This makes it possible for employers to only allow devices to be accessed during or after working hours as needed or for parents to restrict access to devices to after school hours when homework has been concluded. Access to certain websites can also be blocked.

Along with the control aspects of PhoneSheriff, the program has a number of monitoring features. It provides detailed logs of text messages, call information, contacts and Internet browsing history. In addition, the program has GPS tracking abilities that can tell administrators where a device is at any given moment or where it was located at a specific point in time. The software even provides information about attempts to wipe the memory from a mobile device, and it operates discreetly without the knowledge of the employee or child using the device.

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