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Phone monitoring software is increasing in demand as more and more people begin relying on smartphones and tablets for communication purposes and accomplishing daily tasks. But just what is phone monitoring software really and could it be of benefit to you? Read on to find out.

What Is Phone Monitoring Software?

A phone monitoring software program allows one person to monitor or observe the activities of a person using a particular cell phone, tablet computer, laptop or desktop computer. Nearly all phone monitoring programs create logs of activities like calls received and placed, text messages sent and received and web pages visited. These logs can be remotely reviewed from another device or computer by the administrator of the software. Some programs allow for real-time monitoring, giving an administrator the ability to watch what a person is doing with their phone, tablet or computer as it happens.

Phone Monitoring Software for Parents

Because of what phone monitoring software does, it is sometimes called spy software, which can make it seem like something negative; however, phone monitoring software can be used for positive purposes rather than simply spying on someone. Often, parents use phone monitoring software to make sure that their children are staying safe online, not being bullied by peers and staying away from offline threats like drugs. With phone monitoring software, parents can take action if their children are using their mobile devices or computers inappropriately or take steps to better protect them. Some programs also include GPS functionality that can help parents find their children or quickly determine their location. It’s even possible to restrict access to certain sites, apps or functions with some software options.

Phone Monitoring Software for Employers

Employers may also benefit from using monitoring software. Many companies now provide smartphones, tablet computers and laptops to their employees, so that they can be more mobile and accomplish more when they’re away from the office. When companies issue devices to their employees, they expect them to be used for work-related purposes. A monitoring program can help employers ensure that employees are not taking advantage of devices and using them inappropriately or for personal gain. In addition, phone monitoring software can identify employees who are making personal calls during work, surfing the Internet rather than conducting business or lying about their locations during the day. Some companies install phone monitoring software on all of the devices that they give to employees, while others use it to target or track specific employees about whom they have concerns.

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There are many reliable phone monitoring software programs on the market for parents and employers to use to monitor the usage of smartphones, tablets and computers alike. Each software program allows you to track different functions and activities on phones, tablets and computer and offers its own set of benefits to users. Finding the right product for your needs can help you get peace of mind and ensure that the technology in the hands of your children or employees is used safely and appropriately.

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