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Mobile Spy is a smartphone monitoring software program that is geared toward the needs of both parents and employers who wish to monitor their children or employees with their knowledge. The program clearly shows on the user’s device that their activities are being tracked and that administrators will have access to records of their activities.

Available for many Android and BlackBerry phones as well as for many jailbroken iPhone devices, Mobile Spy offers many standard tracking features. Administrators can view logs of text messages, calls, GPS locations, emails and web browsing. The program also includes social media monitoring with Facebook and Twitter all supported by the software. With Mobile Spy, it is also possible to view messages sent through iMessage, Gmail messaging and BlackBerry Messenger.

Along with monitoring capabilities, Mobile Spy offers some features that enhance control over smart phones and their users. Administrators can prevent users from installing applications, remotely delete content from a phone and lock the phone as needed. In addition, Mobile Spy can be set up to send messages to the administrator if the user utilized profanity, contacts someone on a predetermined list or leaves a designated geographic area.

Mobile Spy comes in two versions. The Basic version provides the ability to access logs of all activity tracked by Mobile Spy. With the Premium version, administrators get the benefits of a Live Control Panel that makes it possible to actually view the screen of the device. The screencast is updated every 90 seconds to provide the most recent view possible. All activity can be monitored live via the control panel.

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