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Highster Mobile is a powerful phone monitoring software program that can be used on Android and iOS devices as well as on iPods. Once installed on a mobile device, the program makes it possible for parents or employers to monitor many different activities that are commonly performed on cell phones and tablets. The control panel can be accessed by administrators on mobile devices and computers, and the app can be uninstalled remotely for added convenience.

With Highster Mobile, administrators can view logs of many different activities performed on a device. The program tracks calls, text messages, emails and web browser history. It also makes it possible to view photos and videos that were viewed on the phone, and the software has advanced social media capabilities with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram spy features. For instant messaging, Highster Mobile supports tracking of WhatsApp, Viber, BlackBerry Messenger, Skype, LineChat and WeChat. Administrators can also view calendar entries and notes made on the phone.

Along with its messaging capabilities, Highster Mobile offers some features that allow administrators greater control over mobile devices. A diagnostics feature makes it possible to see how a tablet or smartphone is functioning, so that repairs can be made if needed. Administrators can also turn on the device’s camera and view the surroundings of the child or employee using the phone or tablet. Full GPS support provides a readable history of locations where the tablet or phone was used, and administrators can lock the device remotely to make it inaccessible to the user or to thieves.

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