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Get the amazing DJ software for Windows and Mac from DJMixerSoft. It is a full featured and comprehensive DJ software for professional and beginners which has mixing tool to give electrifying live mixes. The DJ mixer professional allows you to mix music and video in various formats like MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, MP4, AVI, MPEG and more. It can be used for wedding, parties, club, hotels, restaurant and other places.

DJ Mixer Pro

The DJ mixer professional allows you to audio, video and karaoke and has interactive waveform display to show each track’s frequency band in real time as well as displays each beat and break in advance. It is a powerful mixing engine that supports various audio and video formats, advanced input and output routing, adjustable EQ, gain control, crossfader and more. DJ mixer professional has many built-in audio effects and filters can be applied to change the track as well as offers support to the third party VST plug-in, audio unit and more. There are 8 individual sampler for looping or jingles where you can load files with beat or jingles. You can also send a loop from any deck to any of the sampler and loops will be in-sync with other deck. This software supports external display which supports preview of the video while mixing video and displays the video mixes to the external monitor, TV or projector. It also has the ability to quickly display or hide the audience video screen.

This DJ software integrates with your iTunes library and makes it easy for you to mix favorite music from iTunes. It also has advanced looping feature to set real time cues, loop in/out points and also change loop length. You can also have perfect beat with one-click tempo and beat matching technology as well as load the track and the DJ software will change the tempo of your track for pin-point synchronization. It allows to have full control over the media to give creativity and to make every mix different. DJ software comes with comprehensive hardware control for your DJ mixes and there are over 90 MIDI controller supported with zero configuration.

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You can also arrange the music the way you want that comes with a high performance database and also video, audio and karaoke filter. Grab discount on the product with the use of DJMixerSoft coupon code for a limited time. This product comes all latest feature and get the offer by giving promo.

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