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Cougar Mountain Business Accounting is an accounting software program that is available for Windows computers. Used primarily by businesses that carry inventory, the program is in its fifth version, which is known as Denali 5.1. A separate version is available for nonprofit accounting.

Unlike other accounting software programs, Cougar Mountain Business Accounting has a modular design. When you purchase the program, you receive access to five modules: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory and Order Entry. Information can be imported from other accounting software programs or spreadsheets to begin using the program. The five basic modules allow users to complete all basic accounting functions that fall under the five categories.

In addition to the basic modules, businesses can purchase extra modules to add functionality to Cougar Mountain Business Accounting. Those that wish to process their own payroll can purchase the payroll module in order to process payments, print checks and more. There are 200 reports included in the basic version, but businesses can access many more reports by purchasing an additional reporting module. Retailers can also purchase a point of sale module that allows them to process sales transactions and manage customer information while enjoying full integration with Cougar Mountain Business Accounting.

Within every module of Cougar Mountain Business Accounting, there are enhanced functions that can be unlocked by paying an additional fee. The modular setup allows businesses to custom tailor their accounting software to meet their needs, so that they are paying only for access to functions that will benefit their companies.

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