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Best screencasting is similar to a prtscn button whereas in screen recording windows 10, you can record video, audio and images in a high quality manner. Most of the people use windows PC and laptop which is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10. You can screen recording with full screen capture or customized screen capture in windows 10. After completing recording, you can edit the recording from any part of the video that can be from beginning, middle or end of the video. With best screen recorder windows 10, do recording along with audio and also insert audio from microphone or computer system audio. This program is very useful to capture important online videos, webinar, skype call, youtube videos and other. Once you have finished the editing then you can share it with your friends and family.

Tips on screencasting windows 10 Having a screen recorder program lets you to record screen in a quick manner. It is useful to record to anything from the screen in a high quality manner.

In addition, save the captured video in formats like AVI, JPG, GIF and PNG. All the screen capture program is spyware and adware free which lets you to work without infecting the system. There is also many features in screen capture like add webcam, real time drawing, scheduled recording, add watermark, around mouse recording and more. The add webcam feature lets you to add webcam along with screen recording. In drawing panel you can add draw, outline and add arrows to the screen capture or video while doing the screencasting. You can also add watermark to show who is the creator and add description to the photos. There are many software in the industry for windows 10 like Tiny take, camstudio, Ezvid, ShareX and more.


TinyTake is the fastest way to do screen capture and it is a free tool where you can do full screen capture or customized screen capture. You can do video recording with up to 120 minutes and also do video recording with webcam. By using TinyTake, record anything that you see on the screen and also markup your screenshot with text box, arrow, highlight or picture caption which gives a professional look and the viewers can understand easily. In addition, drag and drop any picture from local drive for annotation and sharing. With TinyTake, it is easy to share a small file as well as large file with anyone.

Do webcam recording along with screen capture which is helpful for online classes, tutorial and more. The trim feature lets you to cut unnecessary section from the video that can be from any part and makes your video look neat and professional. In addition, do audio recording from microphone or computer system audio. You also have the option to upload videos directly to the YouTube. It also maintains your screen capture and shared history in the cloud. This tool is widely used in fields like education, marketing, business and more.


Camstudio is a open source free screen recording tool for Windows 10 where you can do full screen recording or partial screen recording. After completing the recording, you can save the video in Avi format which can be later converted to SWF. This program is easy to use and it records picture-in-picture web cam simultaneously with screencasting. You can also have total control of your output video and also increase the quality of recording depending on what you want. It also comes with its own Lossless Codec that produces crystal clear effects.

There are many advantages of using a screencasting program where you can do recording from online streaming platform, video calls from skype and other platform and more. It is used in education for creating educational videos where you can create videos and share it with others. This method helps the student to learn it with example and they ask doubt in the next classroom session or post the doubt in the comment section. The screen recorder is used in business for sharing information with partner and other. This lets you to get others suggestion and ideas before taking a decision.


This is a fast and best screen recorder for windows 10. The best way to capture anything on the screen which can be webpage, games, application, paint programs and more. After completing the screen recording, you can edit the videos from beginning, middle and end of the video. In addition, do game screen capture for any kind of game and share it with others easily. Then you can easily share it with others to show your gaming skill. You can record audio from microphone and computer system audio.

There is also way to draw on your screen which makes the screen recording look attractive and professional. In addition, you can have video speed control where you can increase or decrease the speed of the video. Ezvid has auto save functionality where the captured videos are saved and there is built-in upload video which helps you to upload videos easily. It also has screen drawing functionality that allows you to draw directly on the screen and this is the best way to create amazing screencast. The screen capture tool is used in call centre where you can monitor employees performance and it used for demonstrating a product.


It is a free screen recording tool for windows 10 where you can capture full screen or partial screen in high a quality manner. After completing the screen capture, you can do editing for the screen capture that can be from any part of the video. This program is easy to use and has lot of feature. Whereas saving a image or videos can be done in any shape which can be from full screen to custom free hand. It also has features to annotate, add effects, watermark and more. It also supports more than 40 different image, text and file hosting services like Imgur, FTP, Dropbox, Pastebin etc.

There is also short cut keys to grab full screen or partial screen which lets you to take screenshot in a quick manner. You can also create new images with built in creation tool and it can be used for any purpose. This tool is completely free and it has light performance. By using this screen recorder, you can use it in various field like marketing, business, education and other.


FlashBack is a easy to use screen recorder program for windows 10 and windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7. You can record any portion of the screen that can be full screen or partial screen. With this software, you can easily edit video that can be from any section of the video to give a professional look. After editing, you can add notes, images and sound to impress the viewer as well as to make them understand easily. You can create amazing videos and presentation and share with others. Apart from video and image capture, it also captures audio as well as insert audio from microphone and computer system audio.

In FlashBack, you can do webcam recording along with screen recording which is helpful in taking online classes. There is also way to record multiple monitor and you can save the video in various format. You can also do scheduled recording by setting start and stop time for the capture which is helpful to capture important online videos when you are not available. Use zoom function to highlight a specified area and also to make the viewer focus on the particular area. Upload the screen recording to YouTube easily and it is a free screencasting with all kind of feature.


Smartpixel is a free and Windows 10 compatible screen capture program as well as video editor tool. It is a easy to use screen recording tool that lets you to capture full screen or partial screen in a good quality manner. You can do powerful video capture and has rich editing tool to create professional videos in 1080p HD which requires less CPU consumption and lower disk usage. This is the ideal to tool capture online videos, webcam videos, tutorial videos and more in a reliable manner. Smartpixel comes with full capture mode and PIP screen capture mode. The area mode helps to capture the specific part of the video and PIP mode lets you to record webcam videos.

It is also a best tool to do game recording that lets you to capture amazing gaming moments and you can share it with others. This also helps you to enhance the gaming skill by watching the video. If you are a very good video maker and with smartpixel webcam recorder could help you to capture impressive webcam videos that comes with various video effects. Whereas in record setting panel, you can freely adjust resolution, frame rate and brightness for better video quality. With video editing feature, you can combine clip, merge or split videos.

Free Screen Video Recorder from DVDvideosoft

The DVDvideosoft is a free screen video recorder where you can record any screen activities that can be full screen or partial screen. You can do screen recording along with audio and also include audio from microphone or computer system audio. DVDvideosoft screen video recorder is compatible with windows XP, vista, 7, 8 and windows 10 as well as capture multiple windows. Once you have completed the screen recording, you can save it in various format like bmp, jpeg, gif, png and other formats. This free screencasting program has no spyware or adware which is safe to install and run.

It is a full featured screen recorder where you can resize, crop and rotate output images. You can also select to save capture to file, clipboard and also take printout. In free version it leaves a watermark on screen capture and you need to compromise with it. If you require advanced then it is better to try with premium version. DVDvideosoft can be used for recording important online videos, tutorial video, presentation video and more. DVDvideosoft is easy to use and has all the essential feature. This is one of the best free tool to create videos and share it with others.

iSpring Free Cam

It is a free screencasting program for Windows 10, XP, vista, 7 and 8 which lets you to capture any area of the screen. You can record the full screen or partial screen in a easy manner. After completing screen capture, you can edit the video from any section and share it with others. The captured videos can be saved in HD formats with up to 720p or 1080p where the videos can be saved in WMV format only. With iSpring free cam, you can record audio from microphone, computer system audio and mouse sound. There are many tools for editing where you can easily remove noise and hot keys are used start, stop and pause the video.

You can also do audio adjustment and also save your clip locally or share them by YouTube. It is useful to share important video with others and it can be used by anyone which requires no additional skill. This is a free version and there is no paid version from this program. Suppose, if you find it difficult communicate with words then this tool is useful where you can capture and show it in video. It is very useful and can be used for various aspects.

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You have got all the required information for screen capture program for Windows 10 and get the free screencasting program according to the specific needs.

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