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The GoPro editing software is a essential one to edit clips which is usable and shareable. Gopro is a action camera and it is not like a regular camera where action camera is used to take photos and videos during extreme condition. The editing software is necessary one for those who are having GoPro camera and there is editing software with free version and paid version. You can get the best Gopro editing software for various platform like Windows, Mac and Linux.

Trimming and editing

This software lets you cut unnecessary section from the video and the trimming work can be done by anyone whether it can be beginner or expert. It also helps you to create a own video and also insert transition between two segment. You can also stabilize shaky video with video editing taken during any sport and makes the video or image watchable. Apart from it, you can reduce background noise, correct fisheye lens and fix audio/video out for sync.

Difference between GoPro Editing free and paid version?

In free version for video editing, you won’t have many features to do a required video editing. Whereas in paid version, you have all the rich feature to do a professional video editing which has features like trim, split, merge, crop, rotate, flip and more. The created video makes the viewer watchable and do editing in a easy manner.

Tip: While choosing a paid version for the software, it is necessary to choose a software that supports all platform like Windows, Mac and Mobile. You can also select a product that supports all format.

So, let’s do the comparison for the best video editing software for the GoPro:

Windows Movie Maker for Windows (Free – Discontinued)

The Windows movie maker for windows is a powerful video creating and editing software for GoPro where you can turn photos and videos into a professional look. You can also add special effect, transition, caption and sound according to the requirement. You can edit the video with tools like trim, split, speed up or slow down the footage. In addition, you can also edit the audio and add your own sound track. There is also automovie theme where you can pick photos and videos that you want to use.

Windows Movie Maker for Windows software is a reliable video editing software for live streaming and it is the best product for editing. This video editing software is best for night lapse and also use automovie theme to pick photos and videos that you want to use. Once you have completed the editing, you can share it in Facebook, twitter, YouTube and more.

WeVideo Online Editor

It is a premium video editing software and has various plans for doing the work. If you are having a GoPro footage in HD or 4K, then it is easy to edit and enhance videos easily. You can delete unwanted footage, insert animated transition between video segment, apply slow motion effect for a amazing moment, add background music and more. You can play the videos in preview window and decide any video segment which is not required in your movie.In addition, you can also insert transition between video segment and also apply slow motion effect to any part of the video.

You can also add background music to particular video or image to impress the viewer and also export videos in any popular format. This is one of the best video editing software for Action camera where you might have taken video in surfing, cycling, hiking, trekking, swimming and more. The best way to get the required video and easily share it with your friends.

iMovie for Mac (Free)

With iMovie for Mac, you can turn images or 4K videos into polished video and also add title, music and effects. This software is easier to use and work on 4K video projects where you can edit and export in record time. You can also make action shot exciting by changing their speed and comes with picture-in-picture and split screen effects. The iMovie works by importing your video and then allowing to cut and paste bits of it together.

There is also short key to speed up the editing performance and you can share it easily through social media site. Whereas in iMovie for Mac there is lot of template to choose from and get the desired result. Apart from other feature, you can also add finishing touch like color correction, green screen effect and animated maps. The iMovie for Mac is highly recommended for editing sports videos and live streaming videos. You can download iMovie for free and install on your Mac or iOS device.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

It is the best video editing software for film, TV, sports and the Web. Adobe Premiere Pro CC helps you to edit video from any format which is from 8K to virtual reality. It comes with broad native file support and has simple proxy workflow that makes you to do the work in a easy manner. You can also get accurate color representation and maintain color fidelity across your workflow. Adobe Premiere Pro CC comes with expanded format support and you can also animate more quickly to toggle an animation for position, rotation, anchor point and more.

You can also streamline video production and simplify output with export output with new export presets.It also comes with intelligent clean up where you can remove back ground noise and reverb with new DeNoise and DeReverb sliders in the essential sound panel.This video editing tool will be very helpful for editing adventurous image or video. You can also get one week free trial and also get 14 day money-back guarantee for your purchase.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

The best way to transform your photos and videos in a professional manner and where this product comes with effects, filters and transition. It lets you to edit HD, 4K, or 360 video with precision on the multi-track timeline and more than 2000 customizable filter and premium effects. It comes with intuitive work flow which is from template to timeline editing and create impressive videos. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate supports all format and make quick edits which has been captured through GoPro.

There is also drag in and drop in effects, correct lens distortion, stabilize video and more. You also get built-in tutorial that helps to grow your skillset and make your project surprise everyone. By using this software, you can also add premium effect to the captured video. You can also add voice over with built-in audio recording as well as create a slow motion and fast motion video for the GoPro video.

CyberLink PowerDirector

It is a professional video editing software for GoPro where this product can be used by all. You can do 360˚ editing, Ultra HD 4K or with the latest online media formats. CyberLink PowerDirector helps you to edit the adventurous or sports video where there is wide range of ready template that comes with effect, transition, animation and music. The action camera center lets you to edit, correct and enhance your action footage.

It is a essential toolkit for working with action camera video and the one click color correction optimizes hues and vibrancy in your video for true life experience. You can also do frame by frame motion tracking with granular control of frame by frame motion tracking. You can also pre-cut long video clips into short, reusable segment that can be used repeatedly throughout multiple projects. It supports all popular format like JPEG, PNG, GIF and more.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

It is a advanced video editing software where you can edit the media and has fully loaded with advanced editing suite. You can edit the videos in HD and 4K unlimited task where you have more than 2000+ filter, transition and effects. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate lets you to 360 video editing, audio ducking and Multi-Camera video editing. You can also drag and drop media to timeline and also insert clips with new three and four point editing.

In addition, use keyframes to add motion to your split screen videos and show multiple video stream simultaneously. You can also flip, zoom, spin or whip between scenes and seamless transition which adds energy to your video. Add incredible creative effects and correct almost any video problem with these premium effect. For Gopro video, you can use enhanced motion tracking and add moving text or graphics to a moving object.

Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium

The magix movie edit pro premium lets you to turn action camera footage into a high quality video. You can edit and optimize the GoPro image or video with confidence and has up to 900 effects and music. By using this software, you can also do multicam editing where you can edit footage using up to 4 different camera and capture best side of each shot. Easily edit high resolution footage up to 4K with super smooth proxy editing.

You can also turn shaky video into perfectly stable shot and also get access to latest effects. It comes 2X faster where you can turn footage into finished movies even faster with INTEL support and AVX optimization. Magix movie edit pro premium lets you to accelerate your editing workflow where there is editing template for automatic video editing. You can also move objects content instead of cutting which makes the work done faster. Whereas, customers can also get free trial on the product to know the stability before going for the new one.

Wondershare Filmora

It is a comprehensive video editing software with all kinds of feature available. Wondershare Filmora comes with easy to use interface with drag and drop editing as well as it has wide range advanced video editing feature. You can convert your video with range of filter, graphic overlay, text and titles. It supports 4K editing and also remove noise from the background. In addition, you can do frame by frame preview and timeline editing and more.

You can also stabilize shaky video and also do split screen editing. Apart from it, you can also access the library of royalty-free music made by real people and also get the perfect song directly in the video editor as well as add it to your project. It is a effective video editing software that has full animation support and has highly customizable motion graphics and text effects. You can also do free download to check the performance.

Apple Final Cut Pro X

This application is a high end video editing application where you can create, edit and produce the high quality video. Apple Final Cut Pro X does high quality video editing and has time saving features. It does 360° video editing for the sports video and also remove unnecessary clips to make the video look neat. It is a powerful 64 bit architecture where you can work with complex projects, larger frame size and higher frame rate.

It also does video noise reduction which enhances the look of archival and low-light image with powerful noise reduction tool. The multicam editing lets you to automatically sync up to 64 angles of video with different formats, frame size and frame format. Create amazing effects for the Gopro video and easily add 2D and 3D title to the video and apply other effects to the video. You can also try the free trial version on the product for 30 days.

Let us conclude about all video editing software for GoPro

All in all GoPro is considered to be the best action camera and it is necessary to select the right GoPro editing software where many of the product comes with trial version and if you need rich editing feature, then you have to go for the paid version.

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