9 Best Language Learning Apps

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Language is very essential when you want to communicate with others or when you travel. In a busy lifestyle, learning a new language takes lot of time, effort and money. Nowadays, you can learn a new language through mobile app where you can learn the new language when you get time and there are various level like beginner, intermediate and expert. The learning process can be divided into four main component like listening, reading, speaking, and writing. If the person is interested in grammatical structuring of a language where there are many specialized app.

Learn it through a process

You can get mobile app according to your goal where some people need a 5 to 10 minute and others might require 30 minute lesson for each day. Most of the app comes with 100+ vocabulary list, native speaker audio, pronunciation activities, grammar reference and more. You can also get exercise to do after completing the app and there are some app where you can talk to other people who are trying to learn the new language that you speak fluently. Language learning app are well designed and learn the language through a series of process. It is developed in such a manner that you can learn vocabulary, grammar and practice your listening. You can also learn individual words or simple dialogues as well as it include audio to improve the pronunciation.

Mainly for traveller

There is handy pop-ups with the app to explain important grammatical points. If you have some experience with a particular language then you can know the weakness of your area to improve. The app is mainly build for the traveller which is aimed to speak and understand the language. Each app has different feature and after completing each section it makes you to move to another task. You can learn all kinds of language like spanish, german, french, english, japanese and other language. Currently, there are many language learning app to learn new language and there are app with monthly and yearly subcription. The language learning app is the best way to learn it in a short period of time as well as proceed the course at your own pace without any constraint. Some of the language learning app contains images, sound and video to make the learning session more effective and understandable. It is fun to learn with mobile app and it makes you motivated while you learn.

Best Language Learning Apps


Duolingo is one of the best language learning app and it is 100% free where you can open the app and choose the language that you want to learn. There is no need to create an account and learn language with text, pictures and audio for better understanding. Every section comes with variety of speaking, listening, translation and more. You can learn the language at any time you want with no restriction.

Duolingo screenshot

In Lesson grading

You can instantly see the answer that you get correct and also it shows how to improve. Learn any kind of language like french, spanish, chinese, english and more.

Move to next section

After completing a particular section you will be moved to next section which will be difficult compared to previous. You can learn vocabulary and sentence structure about the language.

  • SRS to reinforce vocabulary: It uses spaced repetition system to help people through daily repetition.
  • Learn it in a different method: The lessons and exercise are different and also it is also fun to learn the language.
  • Streak count: The streak count lets you to stay on track by recording how many days you have spend in learning the language. You can also test out several section once you are familiar with particular section.
  • Checks pronunciation: Duolingo evaluates your pronunciation and makes you communicate efficiently.
  • Very easy to navigate: It comes with straight forward UI that makes easy for the user to access.
  • Memrise

    It is a another free language learning app that supports offline course and learn many languages. You can have fun vocabulary practice with no shortage of courses on almost every language you can imagine. Memrise has more than 150 language course and it helps build vocabulary as well as beginner student would benefit from it. It focuses only on vocabulary and has limited scope of grammar.

    It uses translation

    Memrise teaches you different language by mixing up the translation and this is the way to learn few new words once. After that you keep learning them over and over again in a order to ensure that you are through before moving to the next round.

  • Easy to use: It is easy to use and you will understand the language quickly that what you should do.
  • Uses native language: Memrise uses words from the native language that sound or look similar to the one in the new language which makes you to associate better.
  • Memory science: Memrise mainly relies on memory science and makes people to retain the knowledge that they have learned.
  • Feel like playing a game: Use this app which is really fun filled and it is like playing. You also get points while making progress and it brings motivation.
  • Android app can be used offline: You can download course to use in offline with the Android app and it is ideal while travelling.
  • Mondly

    It is a free language learning app where you can travel anywhere with confidence and learn the language in a faster manner. Mastering a new language is fun, fast and easy as well as learn the language from your native language. It uses images to accompany words and phrases that adds a necessary dimension to the learning. This is the best app to learn more than one language and learn 33 languages. You can learn the language in different level like beginner, intermediate and advanced. There are many categories in app learning where each category has 6 to 8 core lesson that has words, phrase and sentence in the given language.

  • Voice recognition: There is option of using voice recognition and it has chatbot feature which is particularly used for practicing pronunciation.
  • Learn lot on vocabulary: In this section you can use the commonly used words, phrases and sentence.
  • Uses visual representation: Mondly uses graphic and animation for the visual representation of the word being taught is presented. It also add fun to the learning language and makes the learning easy.
  • Supports many language: It does not support the common language but it also supports non-familiar language like croatian, farsi and more.
  • Focus on full sentence communication: You can speak new language by focusing on full sentence communication rather than individual word.
  • Mindsnacks

    It is a gamified language learning app and the games are used in a different technique to learn vocabulary, context, grammar and more. It personalizes your curriculum based on your performance and the app is designed by expert that has perfect recipe of 1000 words and phrases, 50 real world lesson and a bunch of games. The app design is very simple and makes you to be involved in the learning. This language learning app is ideal for beginner to intermediate language learner. You can learn the language from anywhere or anytime you want and makes the learning more entertaining. The language learning app are efficient and uses a different learning method.

  • Personalized learning: You can get personalized learning algorithm to maximize memorization, retention and contextual image.
  • Review mode: The enhanced review mode lets you to focus on current or mastered lesson.
  • 12 build-in games: There is 12 build-in games to improve vocabulary and each vocabulary word is accompanied by matching image.
  • Spoken audio: There is also spoken audio clip provided by a native spanish speaker to help with pronunciation.
  • Image library: It comes with hand illustrated image library to memorize words.
  • Busuu

    This is a language learning app that has become easy to learn and get more fun while learning. You can learn any language in a complete manner whether it may be speaking, listening, writing, pronunciation and vocabulary. Learn anytime you want by just downloading your lesson in offline mode. You can get full course in 12 language and the each course comes with a mini travel course for those who need the basics before going to abroad. Another feature is that you can engage in native speaker for personal learning process. The busuu learner can also contribute their native speaking skill to the platform by correcting text created by those who study their language.

  • Learn basics: You can learn basics with vocabulary and grammar units, audio dialogue, listening exercise, pronunciation challenge, language games and more.
  • Set goal: Set yourself a personalized goal to ensure that you are reaching the desired goal.
  • Practice: Submit the writing exercise to the fluent speaker that will help to enhance your skill.
  • Test your knowledge: The learners can test the knowledge by participating in quizzes, vocabulary games and more.
  • Listening/audio sample: You also get activities on audio dialogue and listening skill.
  • Rosetta Stone

    It is a professional language learning app that helps traveler and other to learn basic words and phrase. Rosetta stone teaches you the language without any translation and gives the sight and sound to communicate effectively. Rosetta Stone makes you to speak, read and write with confidence. It can tune your pronunciation and accent as well as handle real time conversation with ease. There is wide range of language course like german, french, italian, korean, japanese and more. There is also phrase book with basic words and words related to restaurants, hotels and more that are useful while travelling. Rosetta stone works with iOS, Windows and Web.

  • True-accent speech engine: practice your pronunciation with Tru-accent speech engine and makes you to speak confidently without any error.
  • Live online session: You get live online session that has 25 minute practice session tutored by native speaker.
  • Online community: Rosetta stone introduces active learner to online community where you could interact with others by playing games or opt for one to one practice session.
  • Downloadable audio lesson: There is downloadable audio lesson that lets you to teach everything from color and sizes everyday items.
  • Rosetta stone classroom edition: This edition can be used by multiple user for learning foreign language on multiple computer.
  • Google translate

    It is a instant service that tells how to write and speak anything you run through it. Most of the language learning app teaches the language through exercise and steps. The google translate lets you to translate text, handwriting and voice with google translate. This lets you enter text manually, draw the text or speak to it convert for the target language. There is also option to save the favorite translation and refer to them quickly whenever you like. This tool may not be like other language learning app but it is a best tool for specific word or phrase.

  • Works without internet connection: Google translate can translate when you don’t have a internet connection.
  • Translate text in images: This works on translate app on mobile feature and translate text included in photos and images.
  • Translate by handwriting: The handwritten words and phrases can be instantly translated.
  • Microphone feature: It is used for translating speech and also test your pronunciation on basic sentence.
  • Sharing feature: This feature lets you to share translation with other language and save it to dropbox, Evernote, pinterest and more.
  • Babbel

    It is a new method to learn foreign language that has comprehensive learning system for effective education method. You can speak a new language in a faster manner and learn the language from anytime and anywhere you want. The learners can take their own time to learn the language and learn up to 14 language that include English, Italian, German, Spanish and more. Babbel comes with free charge of registration with free for first lesson and charges are made for full access to the course. The vocabulary courses cover for more than 3000 words for languages like french, german, italian and more.

  • Speech recognition tool: It is a tool that measures how well a student pronounce it. You can speak correctly with confidence.
  • Learn real life conservation: The lessons are crafted by language expert and it is voiced by native speaker that will make you ready for real life situation.
  • Review manager: This feature automatically reminds student when words and phrases are due for review based on spaced.
  • Repetition. The review interval level ranges from 1 to 60 days according to the level of learning.
  • Can be used offline: You can use it without internet connection and it is a great benefit for traveller.
  • Learn at own pace: If you have busy schedule where there is 10 to 15 minute session to fit your busy life style.
  • Tandem

    This is a leading language learning app to learn any language easily and in a fast manner. You can practice language with native speaker where you can also practice listening, enhance your pronunciation as well as speak a foreign language. There is also option to find a language learning partner by sign in and find someone who speaks the required language. After that you can invite them for chat for free. You can also make a language exchange with friends by arranging time to meet and video chat and allow each person to ask lot of question as well as answer in a longer manner for better understanding.

  • Find language tutor: You can select a language tutor for your support in the language and the tutor can explain more complex concepts.
  • Practise language: The members can practice the language with one to one by text, audio recording, audio call or video call.
  • Language partner: You can find a same language partner who has more skill than you. It makes you to learn the language faster and clears your doubt.
  • Learn new things: You can also learn new things other than language.
  • Get convenience: Learn the language when you have time as well as the app is completely free.
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